DiSIEM in ICT 2018 Exhibition

The DiSIEM project will be participating in the ICT 2018 Exhibition in Viena, Austria, on Dec. 4-6. We will be showcasing the SIEM enhancements produced in the project in stand C30. If you attend the event, please drop by to see what we have been building in the project and talk about possible collaborations.

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Cybersecurity monitoring: a critical concern

We just published a short article on the Open Access Government (pages 376-377) describing the limitations of current cybersecurity monitoring systems and how the innovations developed in DiSIEM can improve the state of the art. This journal reaches a wide audience in the industry and government, and we hope the article helps to create more awareness about [...]

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DiSIEM participation on 4th MISP Summit

DiSIEM researchers Fernando Alves and Rui Azevedo participated in the 4th MISP Threat Intelligence Summit in Luxembourg, on October 15th. They gave the talks "IoC generation from tweet texts" and  "Enrichment and Quality IoC Creation from OSINT", which described how some innovations from DiSIEM could be integrated on the MISP Threat Intelligence platform. Rui's presentation is available [...]

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DiSIEM 6th project meeting at FCUL

The 6th project meeting gathered 21 participants of the consortium, at FCUL in Lisbon, Portugal, from July 4 to 6. The technical meeting addressed all the ongoing WPs and tasks, with special emphasis on the start of WP7, which corresponds to the validation of the devised components in Amadeus, ATOS and EDP. In the third day [...]

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DiSIEM participation in cyberwatching.eu

DiSIEM is participating in the cyberwatching.eu community, together with more than 50 EU projects and initiatives. By the end of April, the project coordinator, Prof. Alysson Bessani, presented the DiSIEM in the first cyberwatching.eu concertation meeting in Brussels. The participation in this type of initiative is an important step to foster collaboration with other EC-funded projects [...]

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DiSIEM Intermediate Project Review

On April 20th we had our intermediate project review in the EU REA headquarters in Brussels. The consortium discussed the main achievements of DiSIEM in the first eighteen months of the project to our project officer and two external reviewers. Overall, the feedback was very positive and constructive, with many interesting insights for increasing the [...]

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DiSIEM 5th project meeting at Fraunhofer IAIS

The 5th project meeting gathered 20 participants of the consortium, at Fraunhofer IAIS facilities in St. Augustin, Germany, from March 14 to 16. The technical meeting addressed all the ongoing WPs and Task, along with the preparation for the review meeting, that will be taking place in April 20 at EU Research Executive Agency headquarters [...]

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WCCI 2018 competition organized by DiSIEM

The "Open Source Intelligence Discovery for Cybersecurity Threat Awareness" competition, endorsed by the WCCI 2018 - IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, is being organized within the scope of DiSIEM. This competition will evaluate the best binary classification model that takes as input one piece of information, e.g., a tweet, and assigns it to one [...]

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Invited Talk disseminate the case study on user behaviour modelling for cyber security

The work that is being developed at DiSIEM was disseminated at MSAS 2017 - International Workshop on Modeling and Security of Autonomous Systems, that took place in Valencia, Spain, in the begining of November 2017, through an Invited Talk made by Dr Cagatay Turkay, with the title "Visual Analytics Approach". Besides the global presentation of [...]

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DiSIEM 4th Technical Meeting and 1st Technical Advisory Board Meeting

The members of the project consortium have reunited, in 18-20 of October of 2017 at Nice, France, for the the 4th DiSIEM technical meeting, organized by Amadeus, for the review of the status of all WPs, discussion of the exploitation strategy and the identification of the project risks. Along with the consortium meeting took place [...]

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