Invited Talk disseminate the case study on user behaviour modelling for cyber security

The work that is being developed at DiSIEM was disseminated at MSAS 2017 - International Workshop on Modeling and Security of Autonomous Systems, that took place in Valencia, Spain, in the begining of November 2017, through an Invited Talk made by Dr Cagatay Turkay, with the title "Visual Analytics Approach". Besides the global presentation of [...]

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DiSIEM 4th Technical Meeting and 1st Technical Advisory Board Meeting

The members of the project consortium have reunited, in 18-20 of October of 2017 at Nice, France, for the the 4th DiSIEM technical meeting, organized by Amadeus, for the review of the status of all WPs, discussion of the exploitation strategy and the identification of the project risks. Along with the consortium meeting took place [...]

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